Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Bathroom Decor

Isn't it crazy how just changing out your shower curtain makes a room feel better. Anyway I've been thinking about changing up the kiddos bathroom for awhile now and the rowdy rough housing between my son and nephew which resulted with a few of the old shower curtain hooks busted gave me just the motivation to do it. So to them I am thankful (just don't let them know :)!) So anywho this is our new fun bathroom decor. I think with some fun vinyl lettering, vinyl dots on the wall, and some colorful frames with pics of the kiddos playing in the bath will finish it off nicely.


The Hodsons said...

Love it!! I bet your kids are in love with those little monkeys too.

Jill C said...

You know I really told Logan to go trash your old curtain so that you could use it as an excuse to get a new one!!! Sorry you had to do that due to my child, but it looks really cute!